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One source for publishers large or small

Foreign language resources scattered among hundreds of publishers and missionaries, in dozens of languages, can now be found in one central location.

North America without the barriers

Publishers with resources in foreign languagesĀ can now reach North America without the traditional barriers of the international marketplace.

No Overseas Freight

Eliminate the need to print overseas. Books can be printed right here in North America and delivered within days.

No Inventory Risk

Don't stress about funding a large print run. Order in quantities as low as one and have it delivered within days.

No Warehousing Costs

There's no need to store extra inventory. With a virtual inventory, books only print when an order is placed.

No High Retail Costs

Online storefront enables retail sales without the distribution costs. Simply upload a file to make it available online.

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There are 77 million people in North America looking for Christian resources in their native language. Partner with us to make your resources available!

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