Discovering and Living
Discovering and Living
Discovering and Living

Discovering and Living

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This guide was created to help a small group of people move towards action as
an expression of their Christian faith. It is an experiential opportunity—a chance
to explore one of the most complex issues of our day from a biblical perspective
and to live out the calling God has given his Church.

This guide is meant to be adaptable to a number of purposes.
It can be used by:

• an informal group of friends or colleagues
• a church small group
• an Adult Education Class
• a group of high school or college students
• a family

Our intention is that this will be more than just a small group curriculum, but rather a tool to launch you—as a group—on a learning journey together.
We’ve provided some information and some cues, but we hope that you’ll go beyond what we’ve provided, seeking God’s heart as you wrestle with a
complex topic.

We don’t know exactly where this guide will lead you, but we hope that it will be life-changing.